The me beyond the words

In my first grade report, my classroom teacher, Mrs. Nagel, wrote about me:
„Bahia is always very communicative to her teachers, but well behaved.“

To be more precise, this means that I have always liked to talk.

I really like to talk and I really like to travel – so why not combine both?
My name is Bahia Fox, I was born in June 1991 and my bucket list is as long as a jokes beard.
Besides talking and travelling, my other major passion is photography.

By now I have moved 25 times, which probably influences my wanderlust – but I can’t and don’t want to imagine it any other way.
It’s not just wanderlust that drives me to want to travel the world.

Above all it is curiosity and hunger for knowledge.
I hope I can put into words how beautiful the world and its people are out there.

Enjoy reading!

Bahia ♥

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